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Dark Thoughts Manifesto

OK, First entry into the Dark Thoughts Manifesto. I thought I would begin writing about the body of work that I am currently working upon. Why? In some ways I want to leave a rationale for the work I am doing - the whys and wherefores of the imagery to foster a dialogue for myself and also for anyone else that maybe interested in the behind-the-scenes 'stuff' that is my 'process' for want of a better word.

My initial driver for writing this that I have so much research to hand when I began this Dark Thoughts series. I consider a lot of the artwork I have created over the last couple of years at least was just experimentation - testing the waters if you will. I have been researching and making art under the understanding that this would form as a foundation to my PHD which any hope of starting of has now vanished into the academic aether (details too ugly to burden you with good reader, particularly at the start of this journey). Hazard to say now that I am throwing caution to the four winds, started making artwork under the Dark Thoughts series title (I am about 18 images in, which can be found under the Dark Thoughts tab) and now started writing this 'blog' (such a clunky word 'blog', hence the Manifesto in the title).

I hope while writing here I will sort out some of the machinations of getting this series done, exhibited, catalogue written, et al. I mentioned above the word 'journey'...which it will be. Hopefully, I will bring you along on this adventure, this voyage of discovery down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, beyond the wardrobe and into the realm of my Dark Thoughts.

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